Your Wedding Planning Calendar

6-12 Months Before The Wedding
  • Reserve the date with your Florist.
  • Set the date and time of the wedding and reserve the ceremony location.
  • Set the location for the reception.
  • For church weddings visit appropriate clergy members.
  • Discuss expenses and establish the wedding budget.
  • Choose attendants, honor attendants and ushers.
  • Order your wedding invitations and announcements.
  • Begin both the bride’s and groom’s guest lists.
  • Determine the size and formality of the wedding.
  • Shop for bridal gown and headpiece.
  • Shop for attendant’s attire and accessories and establish a color scheme.
  • Select and reserve photographer and videographer.
  • Select and reserve musicians for wedding and reception.
  • Order your wedding rings.
  • Register for china, silver, and crystal patterns and other home gifts.
  • Discuss honeymoon ideas.

2-4 Months Before The Wedding
  • Meet with your florist to order your wedding flowers. Bring a sketch or photo of your dress and color swatches of your bridesmaids’ dresses.
  • Address all wedding invitations and announcements.
  • Shop for trousseau attire.
  • Confirm date and time or wedding rehearsal.
  • Plan rehearsal dinner.
  • Arrange lodging for out-of-town guests and attendants.
  • Select gifts for attendants and ushers.
  • Make appointment for blood test.
  • Finalize details with reception coordinator.
  • Select music and meet with musicians.
  • Have your wedding portrait taken.
  • Order the wedding cake.

4-6 Weeks Before The Wedding
  • Send “thank you” flowers to the hosts of your pre-wedding parties.
  • Mail your wedding invitations.
  • Have the final fitting of your gown.
  • Call your reception coordinator to finalize last minute details.
  • Meet with photographer and videographer to discuss details.
  • Arrange special transportation for wedding party.
  • Plan the attendants’ luncheon or party.
  • Select the groom’s gift.
  • Prepare seating chart for reception guests.
  • Write thank-you notes for shower gifts and wedding gifts as they arrive.
  • Place announcement in local newspapers.

2 Weeks Before The Wedding
  • Make final check with your florist. Double check delivery times and locations.
  • Order “thank you” flowers to send to parents after the wedding.
  • Make final check with officiant, musicians, organist, photographer, videographer, and reception coordinator.
  • Obtain the marriage license.
  • Begin name changes on bank accounts and official documents.
  • Keep a list of wedding gifts and their senders as they arrive.
  • Finalize seating chart for reception guests.

1 Week Before The Wedding
  • Give the final guest count for the reception to reception coordinator.
  • Arrange pick up of guests and attendants arriving at airports.
  • Enjoy the benefits of good planning and a beautiful wedding day!