1. How far in advance should I call?

    We accept bookings as soon as you have selected your wedding date. Some clients will simply reserve a date with a deposit and later schedule a consultation when they know more about the style and colors. We only accept a set number of events each weekend, so it would be best to reserve your date as soon as possible.

  2. Do you have wedding packages available?

    Flowers express the personality of the Bride and should be as individual as she is. We feel every Bride deserves flowers and decorations designed around her specific needs and personal style. Wedding packages tend to be a “one size fits all” philosophy that would not allow your personal style to be expressed on your wedding day. Instead, we offer complete customized services to make sure your special day is a beautiful as you have always dreamed.

  3. How much is a consultation and how long does it take?

    If you are seeking information in order to choose a florist, a 10-15 minute consultation is complimentary. When you set up an appointment, simply tell us your are gathering information at this time. If you book your wedding with us, we will then set aside up to one (1) hour to fully discuss all aspects of your wedding flowers.

  4. How much deposit do you require?

    A one hundred (100.00) dollar non-refundable deposit is required to actually reserve a particular date on the calendar.

  5. Will I be given an estimate at the consultation?

    In most cases, you will be given a written estimate during your consultation based on the specific selections you have made or are considering. If we can not provide you with an immediate estimate, we will follow up with you in a timely manner.

  6. I just got engaged and I do not know where to start in choosing my wedding bouquet, any advice?

    Your wedding bouquet should reflect who you are and what you love. Think of your favorite flowers and colors. Are you traditional or contemporary? Look through magazines at bouquets and other types of flower arrangements to help determine your style.